Friday, February 27, 2009


Today I biked in the misty rain to my favorite tweedehands winkel. And look what I found for €30!

I have always professed to being disinterested in spinning at this point in my fiber exploration, but I think the universe is speaking to me on this one. It even came with this spool of handspun.

From looking around online I found that it is an upright wheel, and I found a photo of a very similar one that called it a Schippertje, which means "little skipper". It does look quite nautical. I also saw it described as a French style wheel or a boudoir wheel. I am fully in love.

I spent a few hours this evening trying to figure it out myself, and even managed to get a little bit of overspun and overly chunky yarn, but I am definitely looking forward to getting better at it. I'm in shock that I found it so perfectly. It literally dropped in my lap.

Thank you, fiber Goddess.


Anonymous said...

You have the best karma with bargains!

Mather Family said...

Thanks! I am really proud of this find!