Friday, May 1, 2009

Konininnedag Fiber Score!!

Now then, here is my lovely score from Koninginnedag 2009:

The Angora is 75% Angora, 25% wool. It's lovely and luscious and will make a lovely scarf-type thing. I got it for €2 a ball. I've seen it selling commercially from between €6 and €7. Heel goedkoop!

The cones are a merino/nylon blend. Like sock yarn, I think (hope). It was so cheap, I just went ahead and threw caution to the wind. The big cone was €3 and the smaller one €2. If these turn out to be good sock yarns, I just hit the heather-gray jackpot! If not, I'll experiment with plying on the spinning wheel, or maybe they are just good for weaving. I'm pretty sure that they were used with a knitting machine.