Thursday, January 22, 2009


This here is one of the lovely gifts I received for my birthday a few weeks ago. I wanted to post everything since there was a whole lot of awesomeness, but that's just overkill, isn't it?

Dear Katie stitched this little lovely up for me. How she knew I was in desperate need of new tea towels, I never will know. Check out the detail on the hand grenade:

What is it about the juxtaposition of things that have been traditionally feminine with things that are not feminine at all that make them interesting? We girls are still exploring our place in this world, I think.

When I was a younger woman, I pushed so hard to be just the same as the boys. To the extent of treating men, in my relationships with them, as badly as I imagined they had always treated women. I asked boys out to the dance and then dumped them when we got there. I drank, got rowdy, got in fights. What on earth was I trying to prove? That this was how we should behave if we want to be equals? That this was typical male behavior and we women should take it up if we want to be equals? Neither of these things is true.

Now that I am a woman in my "prime" as Miss Jean Brodie would say, this mindset seems so silly to me. We have a new president in the White House that has broken the boundaries of race and equality in our country, not by emulating the behaviors that have kept people in the minority from prospering, but by taking the high road.

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