Saturday, January 31, 2009

Schafe, Schaapen, Sheep

Dear Diary, I'm sort of in-between personal projects at the moment, so I'm still talking about other people's creative coolness.

My husband was recently in Frankfurt putting on an art show and had the fortune of catching up with an old friend of ours from Denver, Sonja Bergström. She has a cool creative space in the Frankfurt area called Bergström Studios. One of her projects involves these totally rad sheep. Hyland brought me this one back:

There are more than a hundred of these sheep, ranging in size as small as mine (about 9-10 inches tall) to much larger ones that can be sat upon. Go check out her site and click on the Schafe Tour to see a bunch of cool photos of these guys grazing, lazing around her gallery, and even taking the metro.

I know what you're saying. Where can you get one of these little darlings? Why, they have an ebay store where you can get one of your very own.


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