Friday, June 19, 2009

Argyle Boy

Today I finished up a pattern that I have been doting over for some time. It is an argyle patterned hat designed in sizes ranging from infant to child.

I openly admit that I am not the world's best stranded knitter. (Some people incorrectly refer to this kind of colorwork as fairisle.) So far I haven't really been attracted to it. The patterns I usually like fall into the intarsia spectrum of color work, so I am not very practiced.

Argyle, however, is one of those patterns that I have always loved. So, I decided to chart out a very simple argyle pattern in two colors and make a boyish design from it. And besides, practice makes perfect, right?

You can find this lovely on my Etsy page, or on Ravelry if you're in the know.


Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic. Do you want to swap a singing lesson for a knitting lesson soon? Dagmar can join us for the knitting if she wants?
Let me know.

Maliamae said...

Love to! I've been meaning to come to singing again soon.

Anonymous said...

Great!! It's so much easier to be flexible with time now I have my own studio. I will phone you on Monday and see when we can do that.