Sunday, October 26, 2008

Melina Mittens

I have officially published my second for-sale pattern, the Melina Mittens. I desperately wanted this to be published on a popular online knitting site, but they already had a similar one in the works for a future issue. Ah well.

These clever little mittens are knitted tip-down using the same method as toe-up socks. The simple cable detailing on the top side of the mitten combined with a picot bind off and a ribbon run through a row of yarn-overs at the wrist gives them a soft victorian look. Perfectly feminine, woolen and warm, the Melina Mittens are sure to be one of your favorite things.

The thumb is worked by knitting scrap yarn for several stitches , transferring them back to the first needle, and continuing on with the main yarn. After the rest of the mitten is completed, the scrap yarn is removed and the thumb worked.

I designed these mittens to be snug, and down-sized the needles to achieve a denser fabric. I find snug mittens immensely practical, especially when turning door handles, or unlocking your bicycle. To modify for your own tastes, see the sizing and modifying notes in the pattern.

To purchase this oh-so-affordable pattern, click the link to the right, or go here.

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Molly said...

Wow - I love them!